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3G electronic system with live feed & remote control on your mobile

MobilESS is an advanced security system that guarantees you of everything that matters in your life. Be it your children alone at home or ailing parents in hospital or you just want to secure your home from burglars. MobilESS gives your live feed on your mobile phone anytime anywhere. Even you may connect it to your laptop or personal computer.

MobilESS with 5X Digital Pan Tilt Zoom Camera, remote 3G Mobile Phone Monitoring gives you the power of having a 360 degree view of your home. 12 IR LED provides high quality night vision. That’s not all. If offers the whole lot that you may need: Remote 3G mobile video surveillance, video alarm, burglar alarm, automatic video storage, cell phone remote voicing alarm, reliable safety systems, video door entry system, and greater comfort in your life. You may add more features to your MobilESS as your needs grow. Best of all, aesthetically pleasing and easy to operate MobilESS uses a language you know well: the language of mobile phones as well as computer keys.

Designed for Ease of Use and is fully integrated with Multiple Devices.

Central Panel: This is the brain of MobilESS, which receives, recognizes, records, and launches alarm signals.

Intelligent curtain PIR Motion sensor: It detects the movement of human beings.

Door sensor: It consists of a transmitter and a magnetic part. If the distance between the two exceeds over 1.5cm, it will send signal to the central panel.

Remote Control: arm, disarm, emergency alarm

Siren: It has 120Db output when the system is triggered

Wireless Keypad: Function setting

Smoke Detector: It detects the suspicious smoke/fire particulates before fire occurs.

AC Adapter: DC12V 1A

Feature-packed for High Quality and Reliable Performance

• Setup by USB cable or wireless keypad

• 5x Digital Zoom Camera with Pan 0-360 Degree and Tilt 0-90 Degree Rotation

• Remote 3G Mobile Phone Monitoring

• 8 Meters Night Vision with 12pcs IR LED to ensure effective functioning at night

• In-built battery to make sure MobilESS works even when power is off

• Built-in speaker and Microphone

• SMS Notification

• Dial-in to remote control the camera to watch monitoring video via 3G phone

• SD Card Video Recording Function

• MMS Alert

• Works with 20 Alarm Accessories and 5 Remote Control

• Prestored 6 Phone Numbers for Autodial and SMS/MMS Alert

• Integrated Advanced Microcomputer Technology and IC Design

MobilESS: It’s Only for You.

MobilESS is much more than just a security system. Whether you are a home owner or you run a chain of showroom, it offers you dependable safety system, greater comfort, and convenience of remote monitoring. MobilESS can be effectively used in:

• Home

• Showrooms

• Hospitals

• Warehouses

• Houses

• Factories

• Construction Sites

• Play Schools/Schools

• Hostels

MobilESS: Unmatched Benefits

• 5x Digital Zoom Camera with Pan 0-360 degree and Tilt 0-90 degree rotation gives you the luxury of having a complete view of your home or office.

• 8 Meters Night Vision with 12pcs IR LED to ensure effective functioning at night.

• Built-in Speaker and Microphone with Camera provide the benefit of remote discussion and talk.

• Live feed can also received in any other mobile phone by just entering the valid password.

• Auto dial on your 3G mobile phone with 3G smart indoor monitor that enables you to view the visitor’s and can have a 2 way talking through 3G phone.

• Live 360 degree video surveillance through dial in the 3G indoor monitor and different channel cameras.

• Can facilitate live meetings, real-time monitoring, and mobile off icing.

• 3G Video alarm works with intelligent control switch, gas detector, water level sensor, wireless intelligent double curtain PIR

• Provides an Emergency Calling System for the old, and solve the problem for the young. The main functions of the 3G Mobile Video Surveillance System including:

• Video viewing, video alarm and automatic video storage, intelligent alarm,       high-definition video camera, and cell phone remote voice warning.


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