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Motowatch Car Security System


Off Course Yes!

If it at all it has, MOTOWATCH.

That seems like a rearview mirror in car is in fact a strongly hidden MOTOWATCH, power-packed with 1.3 Megapixel HD 3G Camera. It auto dials and sends live video on your 3G mobile. You can remote control 5X zoom camera via mobile to watch clearer video on your handset. Besides this, you can even record video of every movement in car through SD card video recording. With MOTOWATCH, you can start mute working mode to listen in and make video monitoring of your car.

What’s more, MOTOWATCH offers effective, real-time care location, mapping and reporting of your car. GPS enabled MOTOWATCH informs where your car is and where it has been with utmost precision. The in-built car telephone allows you to make hands-free two way call in case of emergency. It’s highly flexible. You may switch to 2G network where 3G signals are not available. With wireless panic button and customizable function, you can regulate MOTOWATCH and press the hidden emergency calling button in case of car high jacking. The best of all, you can use USB cable to make online update of MOTOWATCH. So you can move wherever you want without worrying about your vehicle’s guaranteed wellbeing and your safety. Simplest thing with MOTOWATCH is its installation. It just takes 5 seconds to put MOTOWATCH in your car’s rearview mirror.

Power-packed Features

• Under-arm engine starting alarm

• No wiring like other GPS devices

• 10 hours built-in battery back-up life with every charging

• Built-in 3G Camera

• SD card video recording

• Emergency alarm with panic button

• GPS and video upload

• Hands-free two way call through in-built car telephone

• Remote set-up and control

• IR LED’s night vision camera

• Remote Video Monitoring

• Check and set the terminal device by internet, smart phone, PDA

Technical Specifications:

• Working Voltage: DC12V

• Quiescent current:

• GSM mode only<20MA

• Timing upload mode<30MA

• Auto mode<20MA

• When uploading information through GPRS<300MA

• When make voice phone call<320MA

• When make video phone call<420MA

The Module Working Frequency

• GSM: 850MHZ/900MHz/1800MHz/ ; WCDMA:2100MHZ/900MHz

• Built-in Battery: DC12V2000MA

• Memory Card: TF Card

• System can support the capacity of memory card: 4G

• Working temperature: -15 Degree to 65 Degree

Target Market

• Private Car Owners

• Taxi Service Providers

• Vehicle Fleet Owners

• Security Companies

• Logistic Companies

• Call Centers & BPO’s

Ensure Your Safety. Protect Your Car.



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